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Presentation Of Your Home

"You never get a second chance to make a first impression."

The presentation of the house can make a huge difference as well. If you have the money, a small spend on professional home-staging could make your life a lot easier, and attract a better price at the end of the day. It’s especially good for vacant properties.



If you can’t afford, or don’t want, to have your house professionally staged, here are some tips:

1. Pack away personal items, such as photos and heirlooms. This makes it easier for people to visualise themselves in the property, and protects your precious and irreplaceable items.
2. Other ornaments and accessories can also create the impression of “clutter” – which makes your home seem smaller and less well-managed than it truly is. Have a look at your shelves and table tops and see what doesn’t really need to be there. Useful everyday items can be put in a box and packed away for open homes, and brought back out when you need it.
3.Cleaning goes a long way, and even a superficial dust and vacuum can make a house look well-looked after.
4. Minor repairs and updates always seem like a bonus to the buyer, and can work in your favour if they are comparing to similar houses. It’s a good idea to remove and replace any fittings that you want to take with you – and before the first open home is ideal.
5. Try and lighten up your house – this means lights on and curtains open for open homes. Sometimes removing netting from windows can give the impression of a lot more light, which consequently makes the house seem bigger as well.
6. Think about what your house looks like from the street. Street appeal can have a huge influence – a tidy lawn or fence, and a few colourful plants can brighten up people’s first impression of your home.
7. Pay attention to details. Everyone else will. And you will too when you look at a new home. Think about cobwebs in corners, moss on the pavers, or even rearranging cupboard space to show people just how much there is.